Virtual Reality Music pt 1: A wee taster…

In the start of a likely lengthy series of posts, I’ll be presenting some of the internets occurrences in VR music making/experiences. This set of posts will run in parallel with a "Tangible Music Interfaces" set of posts that will cover alternative interaction methods with audio and music applications. For this first one I’m being generous and sharing two things that caught my attention lately.

Squarepushers 360 music video for Stor Eiglass, is a journey through a bubblegum world of bizarre 8 bit escapism. It highlights the possible dangers of VR addication and is also hilarious/scary. Reminds me abit of Osamu Sato’s early psychadelic computer game Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou.

Next up is a bit of research form the NIME community on a hierarchical live looping VR music app, DrilleThis technique consists in creating musical trees whose nodes are composed of sound effects applied to a musical content. The system presented requires considerable training and learning to be able to perform with it though the basics of user control can be learned quite quickly. The first video shows a good overview of the system while the second video explores a more structured performance. Further research indicates how metaphors of interaction are utilised in the creation of user control and system design. 

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