Objects VR Music Interface

The Objects VR interface explores interaction design at the crossover of interactive music and virtual environments. This marks the beginning of our work into understanding spatial interaction in virtual environment based music experiences. Our  exploratory approach aims to assess behaviour, experience, and sonic interaction in a interactive music VE.

Designing the relationship between geometry, motion and sound is essential to the creation of the Objects interface. The system looks to craft sonic interactions with embodied associations between motion and sound using the physical environment as the instrument, this is achieved through spatio-temporal music interaction using 3D geometric shapes and their spatial relationships. Interaction within the virtual environment is provided through the use of a Leap Motion sensor and the experience is rendered across an Oculus Rift DK2 with binaural sound presented over headphones.

Some questions that guided this research include:  

  • How do people explore and make sense of interactive music virtual environments?
  • How do people perceive musical function of arbitrary objects and environments?

To look further at these questions, general design goals were set, namely that the experience should:

  1. Be accessible and fun for novices,
  2. Allow ‘physical’ experimentation and interaction with musical content,
  3. Obtain high levels of presence.

Further details on initial development available here.

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