Collaborative Music Technology Research

What is the research? Simply, we are interested in how people make music together with current technologies to design new technology that support more collaborative processes. For this project we are embarking on a co-design process that includes users as well as designers in the project work. By actively including music makers in the design and evaluation stages, we hope to design useful technologies to support or augment collaborative music making.

Participating: We are looking for all people sound related: musicians, producers, sound designers and artists, but also creative technologists and designers can take part in certain collaborative design processes. For the sound people out there, ideally you:

  • have worked collaboratively before and require it in a significant amount of the projects,
  • make music either professionally or with high level of experience in your genre or style.

You can contribute in a number of ways, see below.

  1. Fill out a survey on collaborative music technology. (Currently offline while processing first batch of results, revised one should be going up soon)
  2. Attend a workshop on understanding your collaborative process. 
  3. Attend a brainstorming/bootlegging session to come up with new visions of collaboration in the music making process.
  4. Be an observation study participant. This is quite intensive but its where the real stuff happens! Observation sessions are either taking videos of you working normally then having an interview. Or, you produce some music to fit a moving graphic with another person, and we video the process and do an interview. Observation studies can be conducted in your studio, or we can set up the session at the Centre for Digital Music’s studio facilities at the Mile End campus of Queen Mary University of London.
  5. Finally there is the option of formal lab based experiments to evaluate designed technologies.

If you are interested please add your information to the form below, options 2-5 are only available if you are based in the UK.

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