This is pretty fly

Some WebGL graphics stuff

AUTOMATParticularly like the exposing of the mesh underneath in this piece,  use your gyroscope or mouse to interact with it. Giving me ideas for objects to spontaneously appear in VR experience, representing a metaverse of acoustic objects, as the become used in a context: making a phone call, streaming a tune, playing with something.

Waves Wave simulator that made me think again about using basic acoustic formula for control of 3D graphics for reactive audio. Fished out my Kuttruff Room Acoustics book and subsequently melted my brain.

JavaScript: If you fancy playing with this sort of stuff go to PlayGnd (based on three.js), or just look through the archives with slinky code overlay. If thats abit softcore for you head over to WebGL Fundamentals and get all detailed. Also a fully speced WebGL and js library is that of Babylon.js that supports super easy Oculus Rift integration, check out their playground for examples and browser based IDE. 

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