Data Visualisation

More trawling results! Here is a few interesting data visualisation techniques and representations. Finding these quite stimulating for the idea of how a human would have to navigate extremely complex data structures. By simplifying the complexity through visual algorithms a form of order can emerge that is almost tangible and readily usable. Hope to integrate some of this work as an influence to the virtual reality interface in the project.  

The example above is particularly mathematics heavy once you inspect the linked paper, imagine this one will just have to be used as influence rather than direct transcribing…  The visual designer’s interpretation and implementation for this project is phenomenal, after inspecting the paper and watching again I am in awe.

This rhizome navigation example reminds me alot of minority report style interfaces with circular information modules utilising layered detail and selectable depth. Unfortunately the source code for the project is no longer available, but in principle a similar node architecture could be mocked up using Prefuse or Processing, trouble is migrating this into Unity. Music is proper hootenanny aswell!


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